SAM_09434Zero County Camp – 23-26th May 2014

We all had a great time at 4Zero despite the weather (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders included). Although I do think all of the leaders are in need of a rest.

In actual fact I would say that the Cubs and Beavers enjoyed it even more because of all the mud. You can see some of the photos that were taken over the weekend here including photos of the Cubs on the Cube (high ropes), the beavers on the climbing wall and having a go at archery and the SAM_1000 amazing 2HG gateway (that unfortunately didn’t make the cut in the gateway competition). Have a go at spot the difference between the photo of the gateway taken on the 24/05/14 and the group photo in front of the gateway taken on the 25/05/14 (or should say spot the grass).

There were even more activities enjoyed by all over the weekend from shooting to low ropes, and loads of themed activities too including earth worms, earth biscuits, volcanoes, sports finger puppets and common wealth silly games (and all this was just in the earth/Usain Bolt sub camp), there was even more going on in the Space, Air, Water and Sky sub camps. Beavers/Cubs and Scouts can let us know what they thought by leaving a comment below.