Educating Children about Canine Welfare and Staying Safe Around Dogs

Care for the Paw LogoCare for the Paw is a non-profit organisation, which came into being in July 2010 after the three founders, Amanda Rodaway, Angela Furnival and Jan Hughes met as Volunteers at a local Dogs’ Home.

They found that most of the dogs which came into the home were there through no fault of their own, and with a little education about Canine Welfare, Care for the Paw could make a world of difference to the way dogs are treated and understood by their owners.

Care for the Paw decided to begin by educating children how to behave around dogs and how to keep safe at the same time, which will hopefully help to reduce the amount of children being bitten or hurt by dogs.

They believe that if we can help children to understand how to look after dogs, that knowledge will stay with them throughout their lives and many of the sad situations seen in re-homing and rescue centres throughout the country could be avoided.

There aims are:

Beavers with 'Care for the Paw' Dog
Beavers with ‘Care for the Paw’ Dog
  • To provide children with an education in Canine Welfare and how to stay safe around dogs
  • To provide a ‘Canine Reading Support Scheme’
  • To provide a ‘Dogs As Therapy’ service
  • To help re-home dogs over the age of 7 years

See the Care for the Paw website at for more information.

The Beaver Colony at 2nd Hazel Grove recently had a visit from one of the founders of Care for the Paw, Jan Hughes.

Jan came along to educate the Beavers in canine welfare and talk about how to stay safe around dogs.

Beaver Scanning for Smokie’s Microchip
Beaver Scanning for Smokie’s Microchip

All the Beavers expressed a real interest in what Jan had to say and they all enjoyed having a go at scanning a dog for a microchip.

A big thank-you to Smokie (Aslan’s Dog) and the Care for the Paw soft toy dog (for those who didn’t want to approach a real dog) for helping with this.

The Beaver Colony also completed a 20 minute sponsored silence in March 2013 to raise funds for Care for the Paw and Stepping Hill Hospitals Tree House Unit.

The Colony raised £112.60, of which £56.30 was presented to Care for the Paw. The remainder going to the Children’s Unit.

Beavers being 'Rocks' to Stay Safe
Beavers being ‘Rocks’ to Stay Safe
Beavers being 'Trees' to Stay Safe
Beavers being ‘Trees’ to Stay Safe
Beavers with Smokie the Dog
Beavers with Smokie the Dog