Tree House

The Treehouse Unit at Stepping Hill Hospital offers 24 hour hospital based care to sick children who need assessment or admission for either unplanned illness or for planned surgery or investigations.
Treehouse Children’s unit at Stepping Hill Hospital is a purpose built building with facilities for children from birth up to adolescence.The children’s wards based at the

They have a have a community children’s nursing team who link to the wards and will visit children at home when they are unwell or need treatment.

They also have a community nursing service which includes a continuing care team who will care for children with long term disabilities in their home or at school. This team is based at Swanbourne Gardens in Edgeley where they also offer respite/short breaks to children with physical and learning disabilities.

There is a very experienced team of paediatricians, nurse specialists and therapists who support the team of children’s nurses and support workers on the wards and in the community.

Tree House 2

The Beaver Colony at 2nd Hazel Grove completed a 20 minute silence in March 2013 to raise funds for Steeping Hill Hospitals Treehouse (Children’s) Unit and Care for the Paw.

The Colony raised £112.60, of which £56.30 went to the Treehouse Unit at Stepping Hill Hospital. The remainder went to Care for the Paw.